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Product DescriptionPrice £
Scratchplate for acoustic guitar, tortoiseshell. 3.00
Scratchplate for acoustic guitar, white pearl. 5.00
Scratchplate for acoustic guitar, left hand. 4.00
Scratchplates for Strat/Tele/Pre bass, Jazz bass, black or white. 10.00
Scratchplate as above in various shades of mother of pearl, tortoiseshell or mint. 20.00
Some left hand available. 20.00
Neckplate, chrome or black with screws. 3.00
As above, gold with screws. 4.00
Backplate for Strat tremolo cavity. 4.00
Tele control plate, chrome. 8.00
As above, gold. 10.00
Tele control plate wired with pots, switch and jack socket. 25.00
As above, gold. 30.00
Strat jack plate, chrome. 2.50
As above, gold. 3.50
Square Les Paul style jack plate, chrome. 2.00
As above, gold. 2.50
Tele jack plate, chrome. 2.00
As above, gold. 2.50
Jack socket. 1.50
Jazz Bass control plate, chrome. 8.00
As above, gold. 10.00
Strap buttons, chrome or black. 1.00
As above, gold. 1.50
Tele through-body string ferrules, chrome or gold. Set of six. 3.50
String tree for Strat or Tele, chrome or gold. 1.00
String tree roller. 1.50
String tree for bass, chrome or brass. 1.50
5-way Strat switch. 6.50
3-way Tele or Les Paul type switch 5.00
3-way six pole mini switch. 3.00
Knobs, Gibson style, cream, black and gold. 1.50
Knobs, Strat style, white or black. 1.50
Knobs, Tele metal, chrome or black. 2.50
As above in gold. 3.50
Knobs, Vox, metal, 1960’s. 5.00
Exotic custom knobs. 5.00/10.00
Wooden knobs, ebony, rosewood . 4.00
Pots, 250kW or 500kW 2.00
Pots, push-pull 500kW 5.00
Pre-amp, Graphic E.Q. for acoustic pick-ups. 50.00
Pick-up covers for strat, humbucker, P90 + Vox. From 2.50 / 5.00
3-ply scratchplate material. 16 x 9½ins. White / Black 10.00
As above Mint / Tortoise / White pearl 15.00
Truss rod covers, various. 1.00
Roller nut , chrome. 5.00
Brass, tusq and bone nuts. 2.00
Humbucker p/up surround, black or cream. 2.50
Vox and Jen original sixties treble and bass boosters. 85.00
Pick-up sponge for Jazz or Precision bass. 0.50
Precision bass finger rest. 2.50
1 mtr lengths of guitar component wire; red, white, black plus screen. 1.00
Screws for scratchplate, neck, bridge and machinehead available. P.O.A
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